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The Spaded HeartEDC EWC (everyday carry everywhere carry) Self Defense Tool was designed by a Professional MMA Fighter with 20 years of experience as a bouncer and 40 years of Martial Arts experience. The Spaded Heart job is to multiply the force an underpowered, less trained person can deliver to an attacker. Conveniently carry the The Spaded Hearton your key chain, wrist or lanyard and be ready at all times no matter where you are. It can be used in conjunction with your primary defense or as a stand alone. It's also a no touch tool to use in place of your fingers. No more touching germ filled buttons, door handles, and other shared surfaces. The beauty of this tool is that it gives you that option where most all other self defense tools require the entire hand to use it. The Spaded Heart™ can also assist in survival rescue situations as a signal device, bearing block for a bowdrill fire starter, and to break glass in an emergency. No matter what your skill level is this tool is guaranteed to add more horsepower to your chances of survival. Add this to your EDC now!

My Mission:
To protect lives by creating a new sense of awareness, instilling confidence and empowering you to defend yourself and loved ones. No martial arts background needed. There is no system to train. I show you once and your life and confidence is changed indefinitely. You can then share this with your loved ones. I take simple human reactions and show you how to make them devastating by using everyday force multipliers. I have been teaching this to all of my loved ones for more than 10 years and now I am sharing it with the world. CLICK HERE to learn more.
- Steve Heath, The Spaded Heart and Martial Awareness creator

Spaded Heart was proudly featured in the April 2020 APOCABOX.

I wear my spaded heart pendant everyday so I’m always prepared!

Steve’s online course has given me tremendous confidence in the ability to defend myself and my family if I’m ever faced in such a circumstance. Steve’s passion for helping others, knowledge, and excellent teaching skills makes it super easy for anyone to learn. I wear my spaded heart pendant everyday so I’m always prepared!

Meg, Kentucky Mom of 5

This experience made me feel powerful!

Steve is outgoing, fun and has a nice aura (energy). I learned a lot of good techniques and this experience made me feel powerful and in control of my strength. This training was very informative and I’m glad I learned these new techniques just incase something bad might ever happen.

Rayna, California Age 17

I can’t wait to have another seminar!

We had an awesome seminar held by Professor Steve Heath. We learned so much and to see his passion for what he has developed is infectious. I can’t wait to have another seminar to see the other things he has developed.

Rodney Hu, California Goju Karate owner

It taught me how to protect myself!

I thought his course was awesome. It was very creative and interesting. Steve’s passion made the content he was teaching that much better. It taught me how to protect myself whenever I might need to.

Michael, California Age 15

What a great experience!

Took my 2 kids to his seminar and what a great experience! They have more confidence entering the world and I too have more confidence about them entering the world we live in today. Thank you Steve!

Mike, California

I am the most confident I have felt in my life!

As a mother it is so stressful to watch your daughter go off to college and be so to speak out of your protection. I guess the reality is they are never really under your protection once they venture from your side. After taking Steve’s course with her and now owning his spaded heart, I am the most confident I have felt in my life and feel a sense of relief knowing she is better equipped to handle any situation that is presented to her. Thank you Steve for all the hard work and the passion you bring to teaching. I suggest everyone takes his course and owns a spaded heart!

Sylvia, California Mom of 2

You’ll never forget what he shows you!

His style of teaching makes it so easy to learn and fun! You’ll never forget what he shows you.

LIsa, California


Headquarters Stockton, CA
Seminars available worldwide