Self-Defense Course Using Martial Awareness and Force Multipliers


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INSTANT DIGITAL DOWNLOAD!  2 hours of jam packed Self Protection skills to watch at your leisure.  Same powerful information Steve teaches in his weekend seminars brought right to your home.  Become empowered NOW!

Complete online course taught by expert Steve Heath on self defense using common force multipliers and the Spaded Heart™.  Watch at your own pace, and once ordered the course is available to you forever.  Gather the family around and never feel helpless again.  The course and the Spaded Heart™ has empowered thousands.  Join the team!  Spaded Heart™ creates power and a chance to survive for the untrained.  It is unassuming, unobtrusive and can literally go everywhere with you and assist all other self defense tools that you may carry.  No other tool can say that!  As a bonus it has many survival type uses, check it out!  Add this to your EDC EWC now!

A lot of what you see online today taught as self defense has no real life application.  It’s entertaining, but unrealistic.  Steve breaks it down simple and teaches with so much enthusiasm that you will never forget what he shows you.