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Comes with key ring and breakaway lanyard carry options.  100% made in the U.S.A.  US sales only.  Free shipping!  Free instruction card comes with every purchase and we have more instruction available online in our NEW all inclusive Self Defense Course using Martial Awareness and Force Multipliers. 

The Spaded Heart™ EDC EWC (everyday carry everywhere carry) Self Defense Tool was designed by a Professional MMA fighter with 20 years of experience as a bouncer and 40 years of Martial Arts experience.  The Spaded Heart™ job is to multiply the force an underpowered, less trained person can deliver to an attacker.  Conveniently carry the Spaded Heart™ on your key chain, wrist or laynard and be ready at all times no matter where you are.  It can he used in conjunction with your primary defense weapon or as a stand alone.  The beauty of this tool is that it gives you that option where most all other self defense tools require the entire hand to use it.  It’s also a no touch tool to use in place of your fingers. No more touching germ filled buttons, door handles, and other shared surfaces.  The Spaded Heart™ can also assist in survival rescue situations as a signal device, bearing block for a bowdrill fire starter, and to break glass in an emergency.  No matter what your skill level is I guarantee this tool will add more horsepower to your chances of survival.  Add this to your EDC now!

Using simple and natural strikes is all that is required, and in many cases, all you need to do is simply push or dig the tool into the attacker.

You can feel great knowing that by supporting our small business, we donate a portion of all proceeds to organizations that work to prevent violence against women and children.  Help us spread the word!

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